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My followers(not so many tho)never ever talk to me I am so lonely

One man band One man fandom lol

Feel so bad and sad when i read this cuz it just sounds so real that i can’t say anything about this fic but post it here. I don’t even feel like i have time to think if it is really a jaeson/jackbum fanfic or basically jackson centric.



For all of those IGOT7s who are really butthurt about Jackson joining Roommate and not their bias. SERIOUSLY? you should be glad that the guy is working his ass off to promote his group. He even shows off his members and is proud of them. Compare him to Suzy who is considered THE FACE nowadays and added nothing to Miss A’s public recognition and you would know how lucky you are to have a member who is truly a team player.’

I’m actually kind of sad he’s joining because he must be really exhausted. He’s also on Hello Stranger, and now Roommate? It’s a little too much, and he’s also preparing for the Japanese album/concerts/debut/comeback type thing. It’s a lot for him.

I am really sad cuz some fans complain why they choose jackson but not other members and some of them even say they don’t want jackson to be popular. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you serious? If u think so, dun call yourself i got7.

What I see is how hard Jackson push himself to promote got7, even he is tired and exhausted. How come those fans still keep bashing Jackson like he has stolen the opportunities of other members? Please, don’t be so nonsense.

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Yes I agree JB is Jackson’s #1 fan and sometimes I think he just really overindulges Jackson even I am a Jackson bias lol
But of course Jackson always shows affection for JB too so i can understand why JB treats him so well

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Can’t take my eyes of armpit

• The first song I heard + first MV of theirs I saw:
• My first bias and current bias:
• Three of my favorite songs by them:
• A song I wish they’d promoted:
• Something I really love about this group:
• A concept I would like to see from them in the future:

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Jongdae using simple English to explain about crematorium

crematorium: a mortuary where corpses are cremated

What a dork

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